A collection of projects I have on the go

See what I build on when I'm not working on proprietary enterprise Angular apps

(They're cool too, but I can't show them off)

Lately I’ve been thoroughly enjoying experimenting with design; it’s challenging in different ways than I’m used to, and it’s a fun creative outlet

I’ve also jumped on the React train and am having a blast learning and being a React beginner

The Wellness Epidemic

Phillippa is an amazing resident physician, and her blog will be a showcase of both lifestyle posts and medicine

She is awesome, so you should check out what she’s up to

The development of her website is an ongoing pair effort between myself and Nick Houghton, in which I’m handling the design

The blog is built using Jekyll

Link Repo

Blog Prototype

Often when I make websites for other people, we’ll go through a couple design iterations (sometimes complete redesigns) before we land on the right one

This was a design iteration which ended up being discarded and completely redesigned, but I’m saving it as a potential candidate for the next time I get the urge to redo my own website

Built using Jekyll

Link Repo

Artist Portfolio

Nicole is much more talented at design than I am, and this is demonstrated by her impressive portfolio of work

Despite this, I’m designing her website

The development of the site is ongoing and as more content is organized, more features will be added

I built the website using Gatsby, which was my first introduction to React. I’m now a big fan of React and Gatsby

Link Repo


Built an imitation Youtube as a fun experiment to start learning React using create-react-app and the Youtube API

(Yes, its default search is "donuts")

Deployed to Heroku

I’m looking forward to digging deeper into React and taking full advantage of its capabilities

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