Natalie Smith

console.log("Hello crazy world")

I am a problem-solver

I write code to solve human problems

I LOVE Javascript

I enjoy creating interactive applications in Angular

I build web APIs in Node.js

In my spare time I am having fun learning React and Java(gasp)

I love a good challenge


I have a B.Engineering from the University of Victoria

I majored in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in Mechatronics

I am Canadian but currently living and working as a software engineer in Los Angeles

I have a spoiled dog, Max

I like to cycle and olympic weightlift

I love brunch more than almost anything else

Sometimes I write

June 20 2018

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May 1 2018

April 30 2018

December 20 2017

August 29 2017

August 20 2017

What I'm working on

See some side projects I'm working on right now

I would really love to hear from you

Always seeking opportunities to collaborate and learn and explore

Shout Outs

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